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R4R - Innovative interactive Russian resources guaranteed to captivate your students and raise their achievement

Our products are inspiring, interactive resources for teachers of Russian at all Key Stages at KS3, KS4 and A-Level/IB in schools as well as for private tuition of students at any level and in adult or university education.

Covering the entire syllabus each pack contains ready-to-use lesson by lesson activities to engage students at all levels.

The resources have been developed and tested by active classroom practitioners making the resources an adequate tool for modern teaching.

Each topic area is represented by a comprehensive set of Power Point presentations and Smart Board activities to teach both vocabulary and grammar. As well as various motivating games to practise new material and captivate and stretch your students. The materials are fully amendable, which allows to make necessary changes to suit your students' level. The materials are fully photocopiable and printable.

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